Thursday, October 9, 2008

Being for Peace (Wmmbb)

This is for wmmbb, the nameless blogger of Duckpond, who has a passion for peace. Thank you.


wmmbb said...

We have, I believe, to be for, and argue for peace and justice. They are the principles of our common humanity.

The problem is that violence is so pervasive that it has become a culture, an unthinking way to solve problems and conflicts. This method almost never works except to violate justice.

Thank you Judith. The passion of which you speak is love. I am not sure I have that. On that subject, you are a more capable advocate than I am.

judith ellis said...

wmmbb - While I believe in justice, love is greater than justice. In considering peace, I also wonder why movies like 300 and Gladiator interest me. Besides the pure theatrical and historical aspects, there is a sense of man fighting against the system and winning on a moral ground that's satisfying.

The Godfather series is one of my favorites. This series, though violent, reveals the struggles and imperfections of family and decision-making. It is also well written and acted. Although I am for peace and against violence, I think that war is unavoidable in the minds of many, thus we will always have wars. Raised consciousness, however, is a valiant effort

I wish you peace.

wmmbb said...

We might always have stupidity too, even worse we might contribute to it. War and violence are always stupid outcome in terms of death, destruction and suffering.

How many people have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? And for what noble purpose? How many people, damaged by the experience of these wars, including returning American veterans, left to their own resources and self-medication?

The path of reason is the human purpose "to live well and then to live better". Nonviolence pursues reason by means of "persuasion and inclusion".Although widely unknown nonviolence works. Try it.

judith ellis said...

Yes, stupidity will probably always be around. And, I must admit to making more than a few stupid decisions in my lifetime. I do, however, make by far less of them. The adage age about teaching wisdom (a modicum of wisdom, that is) is probably apropos here.

The death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan is very distrubing. I do not only think of our American troops but also of the scores of men, women and children who are casaulties of war. My heart aches with this thought.

War is not pretty and there is no doubt that there is no nobility in the the Iraq War, save perhaps those men and women who are serving dutifully. My choice would have been not to go to war and I would hope that the Iraq war would end soon.