Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Being Funny IV

You know it's really bad when Senator McCain opens his stomp speech in New Hampshire, a state he won in the primary, with Democratic Congressman Morris Udall jokes. Perhaps not the best in such a time. It was said by columnist James J. Kilpatrick that Congressman Udall was "too funny to be president." Perhaps, this will be my last entry on Being Funny. That line is a clincher.

As I listen to Senator McCain in New Hampshire, where he trails by 8 points, I am alarmed at the chants of USA that have a tinge laced with anger. Can love and hate co-exist? I do not doubt that the crowd loves America. What concerns me is that the outbursts of anger and chants imply that other Americans hate America.

Can someone please define for me what's up with the litany of boos that erupt from the McCain/Palin rallies? The minute they are heard while Senator Obama speaks he immediately stops them with this retort, "No, we don't need that. We just need you to vote." Such does not happen on the other side.

America, the anger engendered at these rallies is not funny. A leader quells such things consistently. Which do you think from this mere example alone is the better leader? I think the answer is quite obvious.


John O'Leary said...

Judith, I just got wind of the latest attack strategy on Obama. A right wing radio talkmeister here in Boston is now claiming (on good authority of course) that "hundreds of businesses across America are planning layoffs in advance of a possible Obama victory - and a Socialist agenda." What's insidious about this is: how could one disprove it?

judith ellis said...

How many jobs have ALREADY been lost over these last 8 years? How many families have gone without? Seventeen thousdand (17,000!) jobs were lost in January alone and this has nothing to do with Barack Obama and more to do with the policies of the past 8 years. Obama was not even the Democratic Nominee at that point.

The right win radio talkmeisters need to be hammered. You hammer these guys with facts! This is how you disprove such scare tactics. (And make no mistake about it, they mean to scare.) Liberals tend not to hammer away. But I'd say get out that sledge hammer and let them have it. Often times this is the only language they understand.

Another thing that disturbs me is the tenor of the Republicans, including candidates, pundits and rally crowds. There is an hardness and edge in both the men and women that's quite disturbing. There used to at least be a sense of fairness or at least respect among pundits even when the smear campaign was in full effect. But how can you say nice things about Sarah Palin in relation to the gravity of her as VP and how can you defend such a choice? You can't! Just saw clips of the Brian Williams interview. PAINFUL!!!

I do believe that the like of Karl Rove have just met their match with the likes of the very tight and smart Obama campaign team. I also believe that the Rovian way of politics may not ever work again. Well, this is, at least, my hope.