Friday, October 17, 2008

Being President Bush

Whether I have agreed with President Bush's policies all the time or not, I am most appreciative of his service to our great country. His speech today before the US Chamber of Commerce was one of the best that I have ever heard him give.

While others have criticized our president for what was perceived as his lack of leadership in the beginning of the crisis, I have withheld judgement, appreciating his current position and realizing that this is indeed an extraordinary historical time.

In such a time a kind of simultaneous reflection and progression is needed. Without the latter the former is not possible. In such a time finding the right pitch and process may take a little time. Secretary Paulson's admission of mistakes in the process was indeed appreciated and necessary, and President Bushes' speech today was timely. Yes, some may say that it is 30 days late. But is it?

President Bush's speech before the US Chamber of Commerce was reaffirming, descriptive and hopeful. Over these past weeks had he come out with a rosy picture of the financial crisis, which would have not been real, the money needed to infuse the system with liquidity would not have been allotted by Congress.

Capitalism needs regulation and it also seems to need occasional infusion as history bears out. But the outline of the government's temporary role in private enterprise and the taxpayers' investment into the system and return, along with CEO accountability, was re-assuring. Thank you, President Bush, for your service to America.

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