Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Being on a Mission from God

Being on a mission from God to some means that you assume a preposterous position and play the role of pinup paraded around and googled by men whose consciousness lags behind their libidos. Sarah Palin continues on believing fully that she is chosen from God to be president. Nothing matters if you are called to save America and through her the world from damnation and eternal hell fire.

John McCain seems not to have had a clue in his VP choice. He does not realize that he is believed to be a pawn in the hand of God. Sarah Palin is the one. In Palin's religious circle, according to the religious right, is merely the tool that God will use to reassert his authority on the earth.

It is believed that God needs a Spirit-filled-tongue-talking Sarah Palin to bring the world through the US back to Him. I have been forwarded several emails from modern day "prophets" regarding Sarah Palin. The prophets believe that God will use Palin in these "last days." Poor Senator McCain. In their eyes he is simply a vehicle used by God who, according to actuary tables, may not fulfill his first term, let alone a second. What deception, but one of his own choosing.

The deceit continues as Sarah Palin knowingly announces that she was "vindicated" of all wrong doing in Troopergate when an independent legislative panel found that she abused her powers as governor. The dishonesty and continued disrespect of us all is obvious. Everyone who can read knows better. It is obvious that she and many of the religious right are living on a parallel universe. They clearly believe that Sarah Palin has come to this historical moment, as the biblical Esther did to with considerable wisdom to save her people from destruction. She was believed to have come to that hour "for such a time as this."

Sarah, can we talk? You are not chosen by God to lead Amercia and through her the world "for such a time as this." Your outright lies disqualify you from such a noble calling. You were not vindicatd of all wrongdoing in Troopergate. As governor of Alaska, an independent legislative panel found that you had abused your power and violated ethic laws. A woman called for "such a time as this" sees the necessity of truth and walks therein. A woman called "for such a time as this" acknowledges her wrongs and moves bravely into the future. A woman called for "such a time as this" can thoughtfully put two sentences together instead of regurgitating cue cards to address crucial problems of the day.

No, Sarah Palin, you are not on a mission from God "for such a time as this." You are, naive one, disappearing before our very eyes. Esther's mere presence and humility commanded she be heard. We are commanding that you cease and desist from the lies and acknowledge that you are supremely ill-equipped for the hightest office of the land. We ask that while you fade back into oblivion that you comfort the honorable senior veteran who chose you as VP out of one last ditch for the presidency. Perhaps you have been called for this purpose "for such a time as this."


Gunner Sykes said...

Since Palin has never said that she was on a "mission from God," it follows that you are a ball-faced liar, doesn't it?

Or perhaps you are merely mistaken.

No need to be unkind.

judith ellis said...

Gunner - Thanks for popping in. If you read the post again you will see that I never quoted Sarah Palin as saying that she was on a mission from God.

What is abundantly clear is that through her religious associations, church affiliations that my family know well, it is believed that Palin is on a mission from God. It is believed that she is a modern day Esther.

By the way, how do you know that Sarah Palin has never said these words or that those who are closely associated with her do not believe that this is so? Do you have inside information that trumps the personal emails that have been forwarded to me?

Being unkind is not my purpose. While I do not aim to offend, recognizing dangerous patterns and exposing risky ideologies is. Speaking of being kind, do you think calling another a "ball-faced liar" without sufficient evidence is kind? But no worries. I was not offended in the least.

I hope you stop by again and leave your comments.

judith ellis said...

OK - Gunner! I just checked out your "political satire, humor, reviews, ouright lies" site. Witty!