Saturday, October 4, 2008

Being in a Living Dream

My Aunt Hilda, who recently turned 70, emailed me a series of pictures of Obama in Oregon today. They had been forwarded to her with text that read "Martin Luther King could not have dreamed this." I dare to think otherwise. This is just what Dr. King dreamed.

How absolutely wonderful to witness this. I think of the many people of every race who have gone on and will not witness this historical time in our history. But through our continued efforts we will make Dr. King's dream and their dreams a living dream in how we treat each other henceforth.

We are one.

May God bless us all, each and every one. The dream lives in each of us.


- A - C - said...

Your Aunt is right. In these times when surges of madness are rising again in form of racism, unruled economy, war oriented politics, America is changing. A better country with a hopeful vision is growing. Let's hope all this new drive becomes a new administration.


judith ellis said...

Yes, let's hope AND work! Going to bed incredibly hopeful, I awoke this morning to the documentary, Hacking Democracy. God help us!

I sincerely believe that Dr. King did, in fact, see harmony on this scale. In the speech the night before his assisination Dr. King spoke of not getting to the promise land, this land of equality and harmony, but that we as a people would get there for his eyes had seen the glory of the Lord.

This glory will be evident not only in the election process itself, but in how the new administration governs and how we as a people respond as responsible, thougthful, and caring citizens of our nation and the world.