Sunday, October 26, 2008

Being Inspired by Others

Here are the very best of two musical genres, classical and soul. Enjoy!

Che bellissimo! Li ricorderemo sempre!


dave wheeler said... is funny how some songs just kind of trigger memories and this particular Barry White song zapped me back to the island of Guam many decades ago. I sometimes struggle to remember yesterday but old lyrics linked to life's memories, the good, the bad, the meaningful, always are recalled.

Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra! Dang...great stuff!

judith ellis said...

Thank you, Dave. We are most grateful for your service in Guam. I am pleased to reconnect some dots for you, to bring back some memories. We are happy that you are here with us and equally grateful for your service.

Being a trained opera singer from middle school and a lover of Soul since early childhood, it was simply good to see these two great artists together, hailing from two very different places.

Music transcends all. I remember loving Maria Callas and Giuseppi di Stefano in the same way I loved Mahalia Jackson and Marvin Gaye much earlier.

I agree! Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra is great stuff! What a name, eh?