Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Being Funny III

Could someone please tell Senator McCain that he is no longer at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner and that his most recent campaign stomp speeches, which include somewhat of the same humor, does not play well today in this very dire financial crisis. It's really OK for Senator Obama "to show some love for the Rays " while backing the Phillies. OK, I can feel the competitive World Series rivalry thing. But this is not double talk. The pivot to policy was weak.

Yes, on the day of the Alfred E. Smith Dinner we gave Senator McCain phat props for his brilliant comedic delivery. He was quite funny. I laughed a lot. But today on the stomp it was quite painful to see the return of that wry smile which wasn't present at the podium during the fundraiser. Enough already! We want Senator McCain to now deliver on the very dire issues of the economy. It doesn't seem likely. It perhaps works for his base. But we all know that he can't win with his base alone. Go figure!

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