Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being Prepared to Lead VIII

John McCain is most certainly a fighter. He did well at the beginning of the debate, displaying his ability to fight. But the only problem with this is that we do not readily need a fighter as president; we need a leader. Our financial, education and health crisis call for a leader, not a fighter.

Many times during the debate Senator McCain appeared as in battle, as a boxer or a caged animal ready to pounce on prey. But Senator Obama was prepared and pensive; he was most certainly not prey. McCain's grimaces, deep breathing and protruding chest revealed a man in a losing battle. The way his chest protruded through that very nice pinstriped suit was pretty impressive. Does he work out? Or, was that sheer rage that pumped him up?

America does not need a fighter president on a battlefield. What we need is a thoughtful president who leads with confidence, the kind of confidence that both listens and leads to bring the necessary change. Senator McCain, the venerable veteran bomber fighter, can stop fighting now. Senator Obama is prepared to lead.


wmmbb said...

The debate was not as far as I could see the game changer that Senator McCain needed.

His lack of thoughtfulness across a range of issues, despite his assertions that "I know what to do", and "I have have had experience", was the revelation of the debate.

I had not appreciated before how ill-equipped McCain is for the job of president, especially in what promises to be difficult economic times.

judith ellis said...

Believe it or not, I felt somewhat sorry for the veteran. The "Joe the Plumber" thing was so gimmicky and ridiculous. The only relevance it had initially was in the game aspect of the debate to place Senator Obama's of defense, using an ordinary American who had challenged Senator Obama at a rally. OK. He scored a point initially.

The point, however, quickly was lost considering Senator McCain's inability to express how he would help the middle class and with policies as proven by his voting record. Senator McCain came up short on many issues.

The "health" comment regarding a woman's right to choose certainly did not endear women to him. What was so sad is that he had not a clue of how this would read. He is undoubtedly not in touch with women on this level to understand the agony of such a decision for so many women, not to mention the actual health of women in this very decision.