Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being Competitive II

How do we even expect to be competitive in a global economy when our our kids are less likely to graduate than their parents? America, we have a real problem and we must not be shortsighted about it. Our economic future depends on our kids. How are, as a nation, going to be able to compete in a global economy with such dismal statistics?

It is no longer possible for us to stay in our own small familial microcosms when the world at large is coming closer and closer together. It is no longer possible for us not to be concerned about others when our very future as a country rests on our ability to inspire youth to stay in school and achieve greatness for not only themselves, but for those who will come after them. Young people are the future.

We are indeed our brother's keeper and we should indeed love our neighbors as ourselves, if not only out of the goodness of our hearts but because the future of our very own existence depends on it. With the statistics above we will destroy any participation in the global economy; we will render ourselves uncompetitive in global markets.

What do you think needs to be done on a large scale? And how can individuals make a difference?

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