Thursday, October 9, 2008

Being a Grumpy Old Man

John McCain should be very cautious of losing his status as a venerable veteran. These days he's appearing more and more like a grumpy old man. In the hearts and minds of many it is not how you begin, but how you end.


- A - C - said...

We should send him the "grumpier old men" DVD...

judith ellis said...

That's too funny, -a-c-! Let's do it. :-) But actually I wish what McCain's surrogates are is funny. But it's not. Spewing hate and stirring up fear in an already frightened people is scary stuff. What real leader does this? We all want to win. But at what cost?

McCain does not seem to care about the cost. He does not seem to care about what we have achieved as a people. In fact, he does not even seem to care about people. Is this the kind of president we want or need during this massive season of change? Absolutely not!

It might be argued that MCain is not prepared to lead based on his presidential choice as well as the tone of his campaign. His surrogates spew and to stir up hate. When McCain and Palin speak audience members have been heard to shout "terroist" and "kill him."

This is shameful scarry stuff! Mcain and Palin are appearing to our most base impluses. I ask again; are these the kind of leaders we want? Absolutely not!

- A - C - said...

of course not.

"he does not even seem to care about people".. come on, during the debate he addressed americans as "my friends" at least a dozen times. that's caring for people... yeah!
(I am repenting already for what I just said, even though it was a joke.... :D )

judith ellis said...

No repentance necessary, -a-c-. That was funny! Wmmbb at Duckpond wrote a piece entitled, "Now My Good Friends." Check it out.