Saturday, January 3, 2009

Being Albert Einstein

Einstein did not see everything as ordinary which enabled him to see the extraordinary intrinsic quality of things, the display of grand simplicity.

Einstein sought to understand the mind of God and in doing so discovered the excellence of what to Him was ordinary.

In this sense, Einstein's discoveries, achieved mainly through observation, became ordinary. This is the essence of innovation and design.


Bob Foster said...


Albert Einstein also wrote:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe”

I didn’t think I was cynic enough to agree with Einstein on his view of humanity…until I read that GMAC (now that it has our money to lend) has loosened lending standards down to a credit rating of 621 (620 is considered subprime), and that the FHA has “streamlined” mortgage lending requirements to eliminate the qualifying of applicants and the appraising of properties.

Does history repeat itself? Always, and sometimes quicker than we think. It appears to me that Einstein may have been right.

I guess that, at least for today, I have become a cynic.

Bob Foster

judith ellis said...

Bob - I must confess to having an infinite amount of belief in the good and just nature of humanity. But I must also confess that we are often very misinformed and often we willing do not look at what is necessary. This enables us not to be held accountable for our own actions and responsible for our own deeds. But does it really?

Regarding GMAC and FHA, as long as We the People allow such practices they will continue. It seems that those in power do not understand the necessity of doing things properly until there is a revolution of sorts.

It appears that only history inevitably repeats itself, "and sometimes even quicker" when we allow others to make decisions for us without demanding that we be heard. The mere fact that those who created such complicated SIVs (CDOs and CLOs ), after having received astronomical fees, are now overseeing the restructuring is a travesty to say the very least.

We the People must become more informed, be more responsible, and demand more accountable and ARISE! The revolution need not be violent. But it must be passionate and radical. And, it must be!

Keep the faith!

zed said...

Rodney Dangerfield had a joke about himself where he said that if you look up the word 'ugly' in the dictionary, you find his picture there. This probabaly actually happens when you look up genoius in the dictionary - there could be a picture of einstien there - Because of this, anything the man ever said was recorded and pulled out whenever someone needs the quote to make a point - but remember, now and then, einstien probably farted - (I bet this sound was never written down)
What I'm trying to say is the only thing einstien was an expert on was physics and mathematics -
anything else he had an opinion on was about as important as a fart -

judith ellis said...

zed - We are all gods.

Good to have you here.