Saturday, January 3, 2009

Being Imaginative

There is a reason why movies will never match the technicolor of the mind. There is no greater creativity or innovation than what we ourselves create while reading or daydreaming. Imagine.


zed said...

I agree with this, but what movies do is kind of give us a field of imagination that we can experiance at the same time and then talk about. Everyone has cool dreams, but it can get tedious sitting and listening to somone talk about a particular dream. But it is fun to discuss a really good movie. I think this is because a good movie is a communal dream.

judith ellis said...

Nice point, zed, about community. Perhaps there is also something to be said about impetuses to move forward. I wonder which propel us further to action-- observation or movies. Dreams may also be slightly different from day dreams where there is perhaps less of a free floating sense or less conscious state.

There may be something different about observations attained through reading, a kind of waking experiential dream or that obtained through pure study through thought observation that lying prostrate in a semi-unconscious state may not. What about the activity of observation that then translates into things that benefit the community? This is called invention. There is a powerful sharing there both in the very process and in innovation.

By the way, I love the movies. They are, in essence, the observations of another that we are allowed to see; it's the producers and directors perspective on a host of things. The whole process of moving making seems incredibly fascinating. And, to think that in producing a movie like Happy Feet there was very little community needed between the actors, at least. Most did not even tape together. But the effect was brilliant when all of the pieces were put together; this presented to the viewer a sense of community--activism too.

Regina Daniels said...

Your post is eloquently truthful. Everything in our world was created from someone's dream or imagination--movies, music, art, literature.
Being imaginative is priceless and the foundation of all things great.
I'm going to have to share this with my son.

judith ellis said...

"Being imaginative is priceless and the foundation of all things great."

Regina - I love this statement. Thank you.