Thursday, February 26, 2009

Being Amid Bones

The streets are lined with big beautiful oak trees with massive limbs, many branches. "The hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord." Many of the trunks have now shed; they stand like massive tall white bones one after another. Wind. Moving. "And sat me down in the midst of the valley." Bones with veins. I touch them. Smooth. "And it was full of bones." They are alive, but dead; I breathe. "Shall these bones live again?" I bend my head back, looking as far as I can upwards. Awestruck. Walking. Dead. "Speak to these bones." Live!


Cynthia said...

For me this speaks to someone having a dream, which is a sign.
A sign that she has the gift of
healing, of breathing life into
that which was thought to be dead
or not capable of being healed.
The tree limbs become bones, yet
these bones carry veins within,
signifying the ability of life,
for blood runs through veins.
The wind is the Holy Spirit is
gifting this person on a supernatural level. Looking upward
the dreamer knows where her true
power comes from and she is
appropriately awestruck and
honoring. Very beautiful Judith,
sparseness of truth makes this
prose elegant.

judith ellis said...

You have read the prose brilliantly. Thank you so much for these words of affirmation.

"As he is in the world, so are we."

"Ye are gods."

Now, if we only believed these words each and every one of us.

Jesus prayed, "Father I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am." (John 18:24)

Being where He is, is beyond physicality; it is the acceptance that we are gods with creative power, the power to change our situations and make a difference in the lives of others.

The Write Girl said...

Hi Judith,

I am not sure if I can put into words the poignancy and brilliance of your piece. "Being Amid Bones" takes me to the passage in Ezekiel which is a scripture I love. To me, it is giving power to the things which were dead and without hope and speaking life and existence. Through God, anything is possible. Your friend Cynthia has interpreted your writing brilliantly. Thank you for sharing this passage with me.

judith ellis said...

Hi, The Writer Girl. Thanks for your words; they are appreciated. The quoted passages are indeed from Ezekiel. You are obviously a student of Scripture.

"To me, it is giving power to the things which were dead and without hope and speaking life and existence."

These were exactly my thoughts as I looked at these trees and thought about lifeless people who have breath but appear dead.

Thanks again for your words.

- A - C - said...

Sad and hopeful, dreaming, cunning... thank you for sending me the link to this post of yours, which I obviously overlooked.
I am always startled at your knowledge of the scriptures, which you often use in your posts and comments. More and more I am curious to meet yo in person.. and perhaps it would even be not that unlikely.

judith ellis said...

AC - You are one of my favorite bloggers for the beauty and truth of your photos and poems. I am glad that you have left these words here. I too look forward to spending some time with you. Hopefully we can hook up when you come to the States soon. I'd like that a lot.

Regarding the scriptures, I have been studying them since the age of 10. You would probably get a kick out of my Bible, as almost each page is full of notes, references and short short stories.

My oldest brother Haywood's Bible is like a beautiful map. Each page there is a mini sermon with cross references and various highlighted colors. He's handwriting is like calligraphy. We seek to be living epistles. Sometimes we are successful; other times we fail miserably.

Thanks for your comment, AC.