Monday, February 9, 2009

Being in Black Face IV

After President Obama's appearance in Indiana today to speak on the stimulus package, Michael Steele, the new RNC chairman, told Politio that the president champions the stimulus package to get some "bling bling."

There are millions of Americans without jobs who have no "bling bling." And what about that term? What a correlation with the President of the United States. What's up with that? Mr. Steele seems to be stepping and fetching to the strings of the Republican hierarchy and his language has become that of the rapper Lil Wayne. Have you seen the "bling bling" video? Here it is.

Mr. Steele crassly continues saying that President Obama's tour through states with double digit unemployment was "very, very interesting. It looks like he's trying to very hard to shore up support from Democrats" because "he's upside-down' in the polls."

Did Americans not lose 1 million jobs over the past two months? Is this not reason enough to go out and speak to the American people? And President Obama is not upside down in the polls. He currently has a 76% approval rating from Republicans and Democrats alike. 67% of Americans support President Obama's effort with regards to the stimulus package.

What would crystallize the black face image? A big pair of red lips?

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