Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being George Will III

In response to President Obama and Republican Senator Coburn's hug, George Will made this comment: "I don't know when men started to hug each other, but hug they do, and look at that." That's great!

I didn't see this particular hug, but I did notice another one. At the end of speech President Obama embraced Jessie Jackson, Jr. and mouthed "I love you" to which the latter kissed him on the cheek and said, "I love you too." There could not be a more beautiful sign of support.

I'm assuming this would have sent Mr. Will right over the cliff. But I thought it was the most beautiful thing. I have 7 brothers, 5 remaining, and each time they end a phone conversation one will say to the other "I love you" to which the other will respond "I love you too."

Whenever we are together, whenever we see each other, which is at least once a week for those in the area typically on Sunday, we always hug each other -- men and men, women and women, kids and kids, and say "I love you." In fact, the men that I know, personally and professionally, often hug each other and express words of love, even a kiss.

Is this a generational thing?


Brosreview said...

Yea, it has something to do with generation. I reckon nowadays, the "I love you" between brothers has changed to "You stay chill bruv" or "Take care" something similar. Err, they aren't exactly similar, are they?

But, I think it is also the way they are brought up. In my home, we don't say "I love you". We just hug and say "take care". But, in my cousin's home, they make it a point to hug everyone and say "I love you" before leaving.

I think the bringing up has to do a lot with it. And, I believe the generation too. Cause I don't think the new generation find it comfortable to use those words, at least not between the same sex cause they tag it to being homosexual. A misunderstood concept, I believe. But, that's just the way it is.

Nice post!!! Judith, everyday in the morning, I get up at around 5:30AM. I log in by 6AM. And, I must say that in order to get my brains to start working I know not a better place to visit than your blog. Love it!!!

John O'Leary said...

Hey Judith - George is a bit of a dinosaur in some ways, but a bright one. I tune into Stephanopoulos's show every Sunday morning just to watch HIM - especially when he's up against the Princeton economist (whose name eludes me at the moment). That roundtable features the most trenchant political discussion on TV at the moment (in my very humble opinion). You're a fan of that show too, if I remember correctly?

Hey, I like your new photo on Facebook!

judith ellis said...

Brosreview - You are so right about about how a family's sense of affection or the lack of it is shown or not by how we are raised. My mother was not of the touchy feely type, but her love was so very wide and deep. She raised 12 kids alone.

I remember when I was about 13 and out the clear blue my mother just started saying, "I love you, Judith." I love you, Bernadette." "I love you, Ellington," etc., as if she believed that not only her actions were important but the words themselves had import too. She was both incredibly feminine and very strong.

My mother had the distinct ability to change paths in mid-stream and begin anew consistently. At around the same time she also began asking us for forgiveness if she felt her actions or words could have been spoken or shown differently, even though she was always in control and always showed love.

I think the words, "I love you" are important to say as well as important to show. I also think that that asking for forgivness is equally as important. These were valuable lessons my mother taught us through her words and deeds.

The whole homosexual thing is just quite silly to me, though I'm aware that it exists. At the gym, the muscle-bound "brothers" hug each other all the time and there is nothing sexual in it.

Thanks, Bros, for such kind words. I love having you here; your words are thoughtful and sensitive. You are also, might I say, quite sober for a 23-year-old. :-) Thank you, my friend.

judith ellis said...

John - Yes, I like George Will. My mother was a fan too. He is very bright indeed. But being bright alone is not gonna get it now. Other things are needed too, like the power to lead and the ability to show great compassion. People are hurting.

I love it when Donna Brazile is on the Stephanopoulos show too. She lightens Mr. Will up. Sunday after his remark she said that she would give him a hug. I laughed; the others laughed too.

I'm glad you like the photo; it's a more recent non-studio one.