Friday, February 20, 2009

Being a Poem

When asked about the meaning of "Poemflesh," the heading of each of her poems just above the title, a most beautiful poet, Cynthia, responded:

My flesh is comprised mainly of
poems, and the undying desire
for more poems, mine own as well
as the poetry of others.
The embodiment of poems are us. The being of the poem.

We are poems.


SarahA said...


judith ellis said...


Khaled KEM said...

Thanks for acknowledging poetry Judith.
I notice that poetry will be soon coming out from the Being Poet. I am waiting to read your first poem.

judith ellis said...

Khaled - I love poems. My mother and paternal great grandfather were wonderful poets, lyricists, and composers. I am what I am.

Brosreview said...

Amen to that!!!

judith ellis said...

As my uncle used to say on Sunday morning when winding down a powerful prayer in his sonorous baritone:

"Let all the people say..."
"And again"
"One more time."
"May the Lord God bless and keep you and may heaven smile upon you."

Cynthia said...

Good Morning Judith. Thank you
for your generosity!

And you are so right Judith.
Each of us are living, breathing
poems, often in a constant state
of revision.

Yes! I can't wait to read
your poetry.

judith ellis said...

Good Morning Cynthia - My pleasure. I love your poetry. It breathes.

thepoetryman said...


judith ellis said...

With a name like thepoetryman, I would not expect a different response. :-)