Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Being John Bogle VI

Among the top stories for today on is an interview with the legendary founder of The Vanguard Mutual Fund Group, John Bogle. He answers questions regarding the Obama Administration and Tresaury Secretary Geithner's much undeserved "maligned" speech yesterday, exposing the game aspect of the market. Mr. Bogle brings much needed clarity to the financial crisis. His years of living have indeed taught him great wisdom. His is the voice we need to hear more of in this crisis.


Khaled KEM said...

Hi Judith,

Following the seems that no one has an ideal solution for the financial crisis. However, I feel that if nothing is done it could be worse.
I do not understand people that oppose the stimulus plan. They claim it is just a waste of money! What about all the money already wasted for nothing... or to be accurate already gained by the rich ones?!!!
What amazes me the fact that politicians seem not to care at all about poor and ordinary people (increasing now as a majority). I feel that politicians think that those people live in another planet. And the best they come up with is saying: we are backing to socialism!! People are losing their homes, their jobs and their savings Dooooh!

judith ellis said...

You are so right, Khaled. Plus, those who are opposed seem not to be able to offer an alternative plan besides deeper tax cuts which have not worked in the past. Tax cuts alone will never work. It's like the Conservatives one band song; they seem to have no other songs.

Mr. Bolge addresses so many relevant points in this short interview. (I didn't too much like Poppy though; she was no match and a bit snip and somewhat crass.) I have listened to others speak for hours on this subject and say ABSOLUTELY nothing. The people need relief NOW.