Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being Bobby Jindal

Who would ever vote for Bobby Jingle as president? His tone hits a sour note. What a hokey nerdy fellow who has not found his own voice. How can he lead nationally? As Michael Steele, he's just another non-substantive Black Face. What a response to President Obama's awesome speech already being heraled by presidential historians as one for the annals.


Brosreview said...

True. And, yea, I agree, President Obama's speech was great.

judith ellis said...

It was indeed! The most ridiculous thing is to try to draw similarities based on externals. It's akin to all the wanna be actors and actresses in Hollywood getting boob jobs, lip injections and popular hair cuts to look like another.

It appears that Jindal and Steele were chosen for externals. But both appear to be opportunists; both are making fools of themselves. Youth or skin color, or both, is completely asine when seeking to compare leadership ability and appeal.

When Jindal walked out I literally laughed; when he spoke I thought that he was from another time. (And they chose him for his youth? His fresh ideas?) People are NOT stupid.

Khaled KEM said...


I watched his response. The guy tries to sell that his from an immigrant background, like President Obama. The media and some republicans tries to make a comparison between them.

With respect to Mr Jindal, you will never be like President Obama. It's not just the's the personality and the thoughtful educated mind. I do not feel them coming from Mr Jindal.

judith ellis said...

Khaled - So true! It was so sad. Did you look at the clip with David Brooks. He's right on!

The Republican leadership seems to think that they can put anybody before the public that physically represent change (Palin, Jindal, and Steele) and we will just fall for this.

It's so juvenile. More importantly, it's downright dangerous. Can you imagine McCain and Palin as president and vice-president now? How about Jindal or Steele? Ugh! Banish the thought!