Friday, February 6, 2009

Being for Pork

Pork for some is bacon for others.
Send some of these senators to
the slaughter.


CJ said...

On November 2, 2010, we will send alot of the careers of these Republican senators to the POLITICAL slaughter.

We will cause them to lose their jobs because they chose politics instead of bipartisanship in the time of a national economic emergency.

Ain't the ballot box a great thing.

Judith--their day is coming.

CJ--who has encountered yet another reason NOT to vote republican.

judith ellis said...

CJ - I hear you loudly and clearly and also believe that a great many Republicans AND Democrats should be sent to the political slaughter. Yes, the ballot box is a great thing, now if only we can get even more people to vote and to be a part of the political system thereafter. It's not only about a single vote but about ongoing political participation.

CJ said...


I didn't vote until this year. I finally saw the light. Our country is going to Hell in a handbasket. And it is the height of apathy not to go to the ballot box.

It all goes back to something our friend Cynthia once said--people fought and DIED for that right, and we are going to just not do anything, and say it doesn't matter?

judith ellis said...

Wow, CJ! Have you heard from Cynthia lately? I love her! She was my girl! Boy, did we have some great times!!!

We laughed SO very much about everything!!! It was like big city girl meets small time country girl. I'm sure you know which was which. :-) I always loved difference.

I am so happy that you voted CJ. Your vote made a difference; every vote makes a difference. Bravo, my friend.

I love it that you're here, CJ. Such memories are wonderful...indeed. You have always had a great memory. You are a most brilliant fellow. This I have always known.

dave wheeler said...


I saw in a previous post a mention of Micheal Steele's comment on the need for being bi-partisan.

I saw this comment in a Washington Post article today on the Senate's compromise stimulus bill from Nancy Pelosi."Pelosi also played down the need for Republican input. "Washington seems consumed by this process argument of bipartisanship,"

Hey, at least one Republican and one Democrat agree on something. Progress?

judith ellis said...

Dave - The built in partisanship in the various branches have been reduced to mere grandstanding and gaming as opposed to real disruption and change. I could care less about what you call yourself; I am more concerened about what you do and how you frame your argument. Both are necessary in moving forward.

Here's another point from a very sublte perspective, but perhaps important. There seems to be a difference when talking about the "process argument of bipartisanship," perhaps meaning the run of the mill than bipartisanship being "overrated" as Mr. Steele proposed. Both may have meant the same thing. This subtlety goes to my point about how the argument is framed.