Saturday, February 7, 2009

Being Constructed

Identities are social contructs. Who are you? Is there a separation between the two--that, whatever it is, and you?


thepoetryman said...

This reminds me of the playwright Sam Sherpard's line- "I believe in my mask. The man I made up is me."

judith ellis said...

Love it, thepoetryman! Thanks a lot for that. The beauty is that we each can change who we have constructed as me. Often times it is a difficult process but it is a good one indeed.

Cynthia said...

That line is something to ponder:
The man I made up is me.
People are just not one-dimensional,and very rarely fit
into a box. I know in my case
I can be a wealth of contradicitons.

judith ellis said...

Cynthia - I agree that we are multi-faceted; we are indeed multi-dimensional, even full of contradictions as you have acknowledged. Thank you. I am most interested in those things we would not like to be and how to change these.

floreta said...

great thoughts. i've written about this also. identity is intriguing.

judith ellis said...

All thoughts are in the ethers, floreta. I'd like to read yours. And, yes, identity is most intriguing.