Saturday, February 7, 2009

Being Disruptive

Being disruptive is important and bipartisanship is a great thing. I am for both. But it is also quite clear who the Americans now trust to bring change to Washington via their vote in both the Executive and Legislative branches. It is also quite clear who the American trust to be disruptive to bring this change. Personally, I am less concerned about how many votes are received from either side and more concerned about the policies themselves. The built in partisanship in the various branches has been reduced to mere grandstanding and gaming as opposed to real disruption and change.

It matters less to me what you call yourself; I care more about both how you vote and how you frame your argument. Both are important moving forward. I am also equally aware that Washington is a political place and games will be undoubtedly played. One administration or a few will not change this. BUT one administration, along with the consistent voice of the people, can be disruptive in a system that can begin the change in how we do things. Movement always starts with one step and is followed through by many.

I have noticed President Obama doing small things like trying to humanize the guards who stand as he boards a plane. They always look utterly surprised when he actually speaks to them. Sometimes he has had to prod them into responding. They are so accustomed to standing there and trained to be non-reactionary in the presence of the President; they are trained to be good soldiers in the line of particular duty. I suspect if they were on the battlefield that their reactions would be quite different indeed. I honor them wherever they stand.

We all have a serious disruptive task to bring change to all branches of our government, both locally and nationally. We can do it!

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