Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being a Fence

My mother used to sing "Jesus be a Fence" often. As I watched President Barack land in Florida and greet those well-wishers waiting for him at the airport, this song dropped in my heart. She had a beautiful pure soprano timbre unlike the passion represented in some of the music she loved represented here--well, to an extent; she did not like too much "carrying on."

As the President deplaned he waved to the crowd, heading toward his car that was parked at the stairs of the plane. He looked as if he would get in. But instead of doing so he seemed to think and then head towards the pleased crowd. As he shook their hands, this song dropped in my heart.

I pray that Jesus will be a fence all around our President every day.

Here is a modern version of the same song sung by a very good childhood family friend and multiple Grammy award winner, Fred Hammond. My mother, however, would have much preferred the earlier version, though she loved Fred.

For me, both versions are great!

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