Monday, February 16, 2009

Being Shown the Face of God

The face of God is shown in each of us.

Joan Osbourne, "One of Us"


Cynthia said...

Yes, God is shown in each of us.
However, sometimes our own baggage
or impatience makes His face so
hard to recognize.

judith ellis said...

I agree, Cynthia. But if we can only realize that we are gods, this is a great start. If we can only see in others the love of the almighty God perhaps this too will make a difference.

God is love.

I remember in middle school beginning to deal with various feelings that were in my heart that came across my face and how this affected others. Our faces are the light of our souls.

There is a scripture that asks, how can you say you love God and not love your brother? Love is shown in the brow, the eyes, the corners of the mouth, the lift of the cheeks, etc.

Love is shown in our faces.