Saturday, February 7, 2009

Being John McCain II

I must admit to laughing the entire time the honorable Senator McCain spoke on the Senate floor regarding his rejection of the stimulus package. Just remembering his antics during the campaign, especially voting for the TARP and suspending his campaign to return to Washington to fix the housing crisis, was very much on display here. I laughed. It seemed as if he was having flash backs. He rambled a bit and appeared somewhat unfocused. The list of "pork barrel" spending seemed to excite him as the billion dollar numbers eluded him. There was some confusion there. I have written here of his awesome comedic ability and I must say that I was reminded of it today.


CJ said...

Good afternoon Judith--

What a beautiful day it's been. Today I woke up to the smell of sour grapes emanating from...Arizona!

Sour grapes...they must have soured sometime around Nov. 4.

Isn't that when Mr. McCain lost the election to Barack Obama?

I thought it was McCain who said that there can only be one president at a time?

judith ellis said...

Good Afternoon, CJ. Funny. I do believe our good president is getting a real dose of Washington. But he is sinewy and agile indeed.

thepoetryman said...

Poor John... He is certainly The Maverick no more, if indeed he ever was.

And now I will suspend my commenting and return another time.

judith ellis said...

Too funny, thepoetryman! Please do pass through again and leave your comments. I like your voice.

I have a brother who voted for McCain in 2000 and he seems to think that Senator McCain was indeed a maverick, though now he seems thoroughly entrenched in partisan politics at a time where the country needs less of this. We are really in a very difficult time.

Some think that the period is increasingly becoming like the Great Depression. Mavericks bring change through disruption. I don't see this happening in this particular case.