Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being in Black Face V

Who will be the brave soul to tell Michael Steele that he is increasingly becoming an embarrassment? OK. I will. "Mr. Steele, you are increasingly becoming an embarrassment." He seems to be taking stepping and fetching to a new level in politics. It's rather painful to watch. I wonder if he indeed has a voice. When I have heard him before there was not this sense of pandering.

Mr. Steele recently said that GOP would "knock out" the Democrats in 2012, going into every neighborhood reclaiming those who voted for Barack Obama and gaining new voters. Is this the public conversation that the GOP should be engaged in right? With 600,000 plus jobs lost over the last two months a fight over voters in 2012 seems so distant, at least to hurting folks.

Americans all across our nation are in dire straights right now.

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