Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being Colorful

Color makes the difference.
Color makes things come alive.
Color creates opportunity.

How colorful are you?


Khaled KEM said...

Thanks for being colorful. I needed that post in the early morning of a busy Tuesday.

judith ellis said...

Pleasure, Khaled. All the best today.

Brosreview said...

During my schooling, when I stayed at my folk's place, I drew sketches using just grey, white and black. I recall my friends telling me to colour them. But, I would back up my idea by saying that the world now, for us, as students, is as simple as black and white. We need to wake up, go to school, do our studies and sleep. We need not worry about the other things in life.

When I entered university, I would colour my pictures. I would tell myself that now I have grown. I am seeing the different colours in life. Colours that represent freedom, liveliness, dullness, captivity and so on. In any of my pictures, you would find all these colours in their attempt to show the varying existing moods in life. Some of them colours were a background and some of them were the foreground.

I know, I drifted away from the topic there. Still, I wanted to express myself.

Undoubtedly, colours make a lot of difference!!!

judith ellis said...

Beautiful expression, Brosreview. Thank you. I am by nature quite colorful and animated to say the least. But I am also very black and white about some things, though I appreciate immensely shades of gray.

Considering the arts, I love black and white photography and I still like the look of black on white while writing. Thanks again for your words; I loved them.

floreta said...

i have been described as being colorful... i guess that's a compliment.

judith ellis said...

Yes, floreta. Color is good. Your
name somehow also points to this too. :-) Color, for me, represents passion and variance, creativity. Nature is full of color.