Sunday, February 1, 2009

Being Inspired by Others

"Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 - Cantilena"

Composed by Heitor Villa-Lobos

Evening, a rosy, slow and transparent cloud
Over the space dreamy and beautiful
The Moon sweetly appears in the horizon,
Decorating the afternoon like a nice damsel
Who rushes and dreamy adorns herself
With an anxious soul to become beautiful
Shout all Nature to the Sky and to the Earth!
All birds become silent to the Moon's complains
And the Sea reflects its great splendor.
Softly, the shining Moon just awakes
The cruel missing that laughs and cries.
Evening, a rosy, slow and transparent cloud
Over the space dreamy and beautiful...


Cynthia said...

Beautiful. The moon as damsel -
oh yes!

judith ellis said...

Ah, yes, and this damsel has many stories, reflecting the happenings on earth. The other evening while sitting in my living room and looking out of my picture window I saw the most amazing picture.

The moon was high in the dark sky encircled in fire. I actually clapped for its uniquess and beauty, not thinking about, the affect of the earth's temperature on it. But more poetically, I wondered of her dissatisfaction with us amid so many breaks in ethics and judgment. It was something to see! I had never seen such before.

I have performed the Bachianas Brasileiras #5 with celli. If you didn't know, the piece was composed for voice and 8 celli only. The cello for its resonance and warmth is one of my favorite instruments. This piece is sublime.

Catvibe said...

I sang this a few times. Extremely difficult to get the beginning just right with the accompanist. The meter changes several times, and then add rubatto and arghhh!!. I've always wanted to do this with cellos, but still have yet to accomplish that! It might not ever happen.... How wonderful that you have done this! Bidu Sayao was my main inspiration in learning this piece. I listened to this very version over and over and over.

judith ellis said...

You can do it, Cat! Go for it! I actually sang it the first time many years ago in my first song recital with piano and a single cello. It was awesome, though I can relate to the technical difficulties you state. For me, the challenge then was the sotto voce phrases and the humming at the end.

My voice is quite full for this piece. But I eventually nailed it! Great challenge! Sayao Bidu was also my main inspiration then. It is one of my favorites. There is also a great recording with Barabara Hendricks that's stellar too!