Sunday, February 1, 2009

Being Concerned About Others

In his sermon this morning, Rob, said something that struck me deeply. His message today was on loss, from losing a loved one to losing your job to losing a pet to anything others might consider trivial.

To these he simply said:

"God is concerned about whatever we're concerned about."

As God is concerned about what concerns us, wouldn't our world be so much better if we were concerned about each other?


Brosreview said...

Beautiful thought Judith!!!

Respect to both the deep-thinkers - you and your brother, Rob!!!

I recall speaking something somewhat on the same lines with a friend of mine. I said, "This is a human's world, innit? Yet, it is devoid of humanity".

judith ellis said...

Brosreview - Your question is a good one indeed. I sincerely doubt the love of some who claim to love their own and yet hate others. Where does love begin and end?

This reminds me of a Scripture that reads how can you love God whom you cannot see and hate those whom you can see. This is simply impossible.

There is also the story of those waiting for the Master and he had already come in the likes of those whom were considered the least of these.

The whole world groans with utterances we often ignore. Listen. Sometimes only a kind word will make the difference; it is just so nice to be nice, as we never know what others are facing despite appearances.

Brosreview said...

I totally agree with all that you've written. I couldn't put it in a better way.

Let me share another question with you - "Whom will you trust? A snake or a human being."

This was a question I once read when I was a kid. So, pardon me, I do not recall the author. But, I recall that it is an ancient teaching. The answer stuck to me for almost 10 years now.

ANSWER: Trust the snake as he shall attack only when pricked and probed. Humans of today utilise anything from hatred to jealousy to misunderstanding to blind belief to attack their own human race.

Wow, I so wish to be in your company. I could learn so much. Like you, I too observe a lot while watching. And, a few of my friends tell me that at times, I overdo it. I tend to become quite judgemental. Ah well.

Thanks for sharing this.

judith ellis said...

Brosreview - Thanks again for your question. I understand you response. But for me life is not only about avoiding pitfalls but learning how to handle them when we undoubtedly fall into them by our own doing or others; pitfalls seem to be unavoidable no matter our wisdom and ability, though perhaps less of them.

The snake story lacks the continuum of the human element that cannot be avoided. Not being a snake, I cannot speak for its consciousness or lack thereof, but I can speak for the consciousness of humanity being human.

Human consciousness requires a forever becoming and this is a beautiful path, though sometimes rife with pain. The human experience is a beautiful one in spite of all. Human life is a continuum. In fact, all life seems to be.

Brosreview - I too could learn from you in your presence. Until then, I am happy for this forum.

dave wheeler said...


The simplest of questions and messages are usually the most clear and powerful. The world would be a fabulous place if folks did care more about each other. One of the "segments" of the FOUNDATIONS4 Mission Statement is "People Advocates" Many voices united behind a shared purpose can get much done!

Our discussion on the Being for Stimulus post led me to post on the FOUNDATIONS blog on becoming involved to hold folks, agencies and programs accountable at the community level to be effective stewards of the resourses the government provides to meet the needs of it's citizens. Words and actions when in concert can make any and every neighborhood and community a better place

As always...more knowledge after "listening' to your thoughts. Thanks Judith!

judith ellis said...

Dave and his partner, Regina, are doing laudable work to help single working parents.

You can find his blog, Foundations4, here.

Bravo Dave!

I'm off to your blog now. See you there!