Monday, February 2, 2009

Being a Performer

A few days ago I wrote about the interview process in a comment here and in my mind's eye I thought of the process of auditioning. Today at Rock and Roll Lessons John O'Leary tells a wonderful story about auditioning for the Ike and Tina Review back in the day and makes a beautiful correlation to the interview process. He calls the Ike and Tina Review "the baddest band I'd ever seen."

As a professional singer since my teenage years, and one who did my share of auditions and interviews to support my singing whenever necessary, I understand the correlation between an audition and an interview intimately. I always looked at both as a performance.

Both required study, practice, ease, skill, and visionary role-play. I always saw myself on the stage and in the office before arriving. I had a routine of study that I followed meticulously I for the stage or interview. I was so prepared that I rarely came up empty handed.

After envisioning myself on stage or at the interview over and over again, it was like I had already been there. In my mind's eye I had already aced the audition or interview many times.

As a performer, I usually did rather well, though just before that moment of performance, whether on the stage or in an office, I always felt as if the earth would open up and swallow me up. This lasted for mere seconds; the sinking feeling was, nevertheless, always present. But when the lights hit or after the handshake all was well.

Are you prepared to perform?


Catvibe said...

I know that feeling! That one where you just want to die instead of perform! Thank god it is short lived, and I would say it is the energy you are receiving from the universe to propel you into magnificence in performance. Once you actually start to sing, it is a blissful transformation as your body becomes a medium for Beauty. Thank god you prepared first so that it can happen!

judith ellis said...

Ah, nice, Cat. Indeed. God has made us in his very image. How beautiful is that?!